Dragon Quad Racing

NORA Motorsport British Quad XC Championship

NORA Motorsport British Mini Quad and Youth Championship

Round 4 & 5 entries open!! Green Hall Farm, Llanfyllin SY22 5LG https://nora92.com/event/dragon-quad-racing-2024-championship-round-4-5/

Dragon Quad Racing

Welcome to Dragon Quad Racing, the home of the NORA92 Motorsport British Quad Cross Country Championship and British Mini quad & Youth Championship.

The club will again be partnered with NORA Motorsport for the coming 2024 season. Annual licences are available to purchase from their website. At DQR we know that the running of club events is more than just booking in and making sure you have the right insurance, with their backing they enable DQR to plan, organise, promote and run a safe, successful and enjoyable event.


Thank You to everyone who has come forward to sponsor classes this year. This helps the club out immensely. 

 SPRINT RACE FORMAT - Final instructions will be posted later in the week.

We will be holding our first sprint race of the year on Saturday 20th July! The running is very different from our usual enduros, so please read carefully and make note of the timings. The track will be shortened and less technical than Sunday's enduro track. Marshals will be positioned around the track and anyone who cuts the course will have their rider number and name reported to the timing hut and a penalty will be added to your time. Stick to the marked route and you can't go wrong! 

8:30 - 9:30 - Signing on for Adult and Youth riders. 

8:30 - 9:30 - Any pit spares & equipment must be left at the top of the camping field. This will be taken up through the farm yard in trailers by the marshals. The farmer does not want people riding up and down through his farm yard. This is a working farm and we must respect the landowner wishes.

10:00 - Please can all youth and adult riders line up at the top of the camping field. You will then be lead up through the farm yard, escorted by a marshal.  We ask that your quad stays up here till after the last sprint race so we can keep traffic at a minimum for the farmer. You will then be put into Championship order, starting with the expert +, all the way down to 125cc youth.  Any non members will slot in at the back of their chosen race class. 

10:30 - Sighting lap - Please refrain from overtaking unless the rider in front has broken down, as you will be in your sprint start order. 

11:15 - Approximate time for the first sprint race. Once the first sprint is complete, you will be sorted in order of the quickest lap time to the slowest. This will be done after every sprint.

Lunch break to be confirmed in the final instructions, please refrain from riding your quad down to the camping field at lunch time. If you need any parts etc, please ask a marshal and they will assist. 

15:00 - Start of last sprint race. We aim to complete 6 sprint races. 

15:45 - 16:00 - Mini riders sign on.

16:00- 16:15 - Mini riders to line up at the top of the camping field so a marshal can escort them through the farm yard. 

16:30 - Mini race sighting lap and immediate race start. 

18:00 - Presentation for everyone in the camping field.

Then you can all relax, have a BBQ or let the catering van cook for you! We look forward to seeing you all soon.

DQR Team. 

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Looking forward to a great season 

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