The Rules and Regulations

Dragon Quad Racing British Quad XC Championship, these rules are to be read in conjunction with the NORA Motorsport code of Practice for Cross Country and are in addition to and not instead of . 

(for future reference just to simplify things XC stands for Cross Country)


Engine lanyard kill switch attached to rider.

Full face helmet that has no dints, cracks or damage.

Race boots, Goggles & Gloves

Goggles to be the Roll Off type no Tear Offs are permitted to be used under any circumstances. 

Body armour and neck braces are strongly advised.

Number boards MUST be fitted to rear of your quad and be clearly visible from both sides of the ATV (fin style ). Also number stickers must be fitted to the front of your quad. It is to our benefit that we have a physical way of knowing who you are in case of accidents or incidents on the track. Should there be a problem with our transponder timing then the track time keepers can still register you on the system for your points. 

In order to score points you must be a registered Club Member. However anyone is welcome to come and race with us.

The Championship is to be held over 7 Rounds with 6  to count towards the final standings. 10 Points will be awarded to the Rider who starts and completes 1 lap of Rounds 1-6, with 100 bonus points awarded to those who start Round 7. 

You are permitted to push your machine over the finish line up to a maximum of 30 minutes after the chequered flag has signalled the end of the race, no outside assistance is permitted. If you receive a marshal tow you can only return to the pits,  you will not be allowed to cross the finish line. All repairs after a tow-back must be performed in the pits in order for the rider to restart the race and be included in the results. The Chequered flag signals the end of the race, if you are in the pits when the chequered flag is dropped you will DNF, no rider shall be permitted to leave the pits after the Chequered flag.

A rider must be able to complete a full lap within the taped areas without outside assistance from our marshals. Failure to do so will result in a DNF as this is course cutting. Marshals are on track for your safety to help people who have broken down or injured themselves.
If you finish the race but have completed less than half the number of laps of your class winner then only 50% of the available points will be awarded. I.E if you finish 6th the normal points would be 20, in this case it would be halved to 10. 

PLEASE NOTE: With the Adult Classes now allowing 15 year old Riders. Riders of 15 years+ will only be permitted to compete in some of the adult classes by prior club consent and approval to ensure the riders suitability and their abilities. Riders 15 to 17 years of age are only allowed to ride a quad with a maximum of 450cc this applies to all classes. Anyone wishing to move up from the 250 classes please contact Alan Hayes. Riders from other clubs please note, if you are intending to race with us and you are only 15+ then please call Alan Hayes 07798 932856


EVENT CONTACT: Assistant Clerk: Alan Hayes 07798 932856 

RACE CLERK: Chris Scotland

SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS: This event is held under NORA Motorsport Cross Country Code.

LICENCE: All competitors must hold an official NORA Licence or you will have to purchase a Day Licence at £ 15.00, you will not be permitted to race without one. Annual Nora92 licences are available via the website

OFFICIALS: Event director Alan Hayes



FIRST AID: EMS Ambulance/Event Medical Skipton

CHILD PROTECTION OFFICER: Shelley Maybury/Charlotte Scotland ( both qualified in safeguarding )

CLUB SECRETARY: Charlotte Scotland email :


BOOKING ON: Booking on closes at 16.00 p.m on the Friday night before the event so please check for details of that particular event. Booking on for an event will be done via the NORA website it is quick and simple, it will be made live in plenty of time for the first event. A link will be provided on the front page of Dragon Quad Racing website and on all social media pages. You will need your licence to book in, any concerns please ring Alan Hayes 07798 932856.

CANCELLATION: Rider cancellations can only be accepted in writing up to 7 DAYS before the event. The promoters reserve the right to alter, abandon or postpone the meeting, or part of it, if circumstances beyond their control make it necessary.

TRANSPONDERS: Transponders are available to hire for the day at a cost of £15.00. This is payable to the signing on team. You will be issued with a ticket/receipt. You then collect the transponder from the green timing trailer in exchange for your ticket. A £20 deposit or your NORA Licence card will be issued back to you when you return your transponder. If you have your own transponder, please take this to the timing trailer to make sure it is registered correctly.

CAMPING: As soon as you enter a race venue you must abide by the club rules, we do not own the land we have only rented the use of it! Camping is available free of charge from the Friday night.  The use of campfires will be at the land owners discretion.  Generators MUST be off by 11.00 p.m. It is a condition of acceptance of entry that the promoters, landowners or associates shall not be responsible for any damage whatsoever, from theft, fire, accidental damage, or other causes or otherwise to a quad bike, its accessories, any vehicles, campers/transporters trailers etc.

PETS: Please remember you will be on farmland, your pet MUST be kept on a lead at ALL times from the moment you enter the event to the time you leave, you must also clean any mess that your pet leaves.  

PITS: Please only one adult per rider in the pits. Riders must be off their machine with the engine turned off whilst re-fuelling. No children under 16 are permitted in the pit area unless they are a rider in the youth or mini race. Strictly no smoking in or around the pit area.



Signing on and Technical Inspection (ALL TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE) Saturday evening from 17:00 - 18.00. If you are camping with us on Saturday evening, please make sure you are signed on. This will give the riders arriving on Sunday the chance to sign on swiftly without queueing.


Signing on and Technical Inspection (ALL TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE) Sunday morning from 8:00am till 11:00am. Any rider at the track may now sign on however priority will be given to the youth and mini riders. All medics and marshals to sign on also. All Adults MUST be signed on by 11:00am. If you are not signed on by this time, you will not be permitted to race. You have a three hour window on Sunday for signing on which is more than sufficient. Scrutineering will also be available from 8:00am.


YOUTH RIDERS: 08:30 at the start line for their rider briefing & sighting lap. All riders and a parent/guardian must attend and pay full attention to the clerk of course . 09:00 Youth race start. Duration 1.5 hours. ( finish approx 10:30am )

MINI RIDERS: 11:00 at the start line for their rider briefing & sighting lap.  All riders and a parent/guardian must attend and pay full attention to the clerk of course. Race start will be immediately after the sighting lap. Duration 30 minutes. ( finish approx 11:30 )

YOUTH & MINI RIDER PRESENTATION: 12:00, all to gather at the signing on trailer for the presentation of the trophies. 

ADULT RIDERS: 12:30 rider briefing and sighting lap. All riders must attend and pay full attention to the clerk of course. 13:00 Adult race start. Duration 2.5 hours. ( finish approx 15:30 )

Adult presentation will be 15 minutes after the final rider gets the chequered flag so please listen out for announcements.

We hope that by starting a little earlier, and finishing a little later, that it will give riders and committee members/marshalls a small breather before the adult race. Race start times will not start any earlier than the above times stated. For example, if the adult sighting lap only takes 20 minutes, the rider will have 10 minutes before the flag drops to take on fluids, change gloves or goggles etc. PLEASE remember though, no refuelling between the sighting lap and start of the race as this will result in you starting from the very back of the grid. 

RIDERS & SPECTATORS:  We strongly advise all competitors arrive at the track early enough so that you have time to walk most if not all of the track. There is to be NO riding in the paddock area other than taking your quad to the race line up and to return it to your vehicle at race finish. You must wear your helmet at all times when you are riding your quad. ADULTS PLEASE note we will not be allowing children to ride your quad to the race line or in the paddock. Also no adults riding around the paddock on child's quads.

Push Bikes or E Bikes are only allowed, no motorised vehicles will be permitted on site during the race weekend. 

Would all spectators (family / friends of the riders) please refrain from walking the track during the racing. This is for YOUR safety as well as the RIDERS.

PLEASE take your rubbish home as no bins are provided. Rubbish is especially a problem in the PITS so please pick up after yourselves. As the vast majority of tracks are on farmland, please ensure that you pick up after your dog as this is extremely harmful to animals who maybe grazing after we have left. 

Pressure washing of your quad after a race is only allowed in a designated area and with the clubs permission, NOT ALL tracks will allow an area to be used for washing off so please check this out before you wash your quad.